Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Best protection plan for your car

Get the best of both worlds – superior car coverage and attractive premium. Are you looking for a new car insurance plan? We at Wealth Creator have got you covered. With our fast, hassle-free, online process, get your policy delivered straight to your inbox in 5 minutes. We aim to help you get the best protection plan for your car. We have 20+ plus insurance partners from whom you can choose a policy that suits you best. So stay calm and let us take care of your insurance needs.

In short, no Car Insurance = Financial Expenses + Emotional Distress + Inconvenience. In addition, any third party property damage covered up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs and in case of physical injuries/death of third party, the compensation amount will be taken decided by the court tribunal.

Key Features of a Car Insurance
  • No Claim Bonus: An NCB is a discount offered to the policyholder for not making any claims over the previous years. This cover rewards them by providing a discount of up to 50% on the premium payment for the following year.
  • Own Damage: Comprehensive car insurance plans provide own damage cover. Own damage covers the damage occurred to you and your vehicle during an accident.
  • Third Party Damage: This includes the damages to a third party or third party‚Äôs property.
  • Cashless: This feature provides cashless facility across a number of network cashless garages across India. With this feature, the garage directly settles the bill with the car insurer provider.
  • Customizable Add-ons: You can get additional riders for your car insurance plan such as NCB Cover, Accidental Death Cover, OD cover, Zero Dep, etc.
  • Claims Process: To intimate a claim, simply call the 24×7 customer service of Wealth Creator and a dedicated team of experts will be ready to assist with the entire process of the claims process.
  • Claim Settlement: Once the claim has been processed and the relevant documents have been submitted for verification, the insurer will begin the process of claim settlement.
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